New collection of fingerless gloves

Hi, guys!

Here's a new collection of fingerless gloves

Keep your hands warm this winter with these stylish and unique fingerless gloves. They are crocheted around the thumb which allows you to show off your variegated yarn to the best effect.

In case you’d like to see more details about the gloves, just visit my SHOP.



Summer batik yarn


The sunshine have us wanting summer — and wanting it now. We still have a few weeks to make our summer projects colorful and celebrate the arrival of summer by breaking out the winter clothes.

Amazing summer colors with this brand new yarn! 

You can purchase these yarns from MY SHOP.

With love,



Crochet shawl

Hi, friends!
I should admit it - I can never have too many shawls :) 
When I want to crochet something but can't decide on the perfect project I look at my stash of yarns. I grab the one that  is "calling me" that day and inspires me the most. Then I spend the rest of the day working on the perfect shawl pattern.  

This is one of the shawls that I've created this way recently.You can find it in my SHOP.

 The yarn is very soft and it is made in beautiful colors. I'm in love with batik yarns. The colors change in the process of knitting/crocheting and the result is always wonderful. 

Here are some of my favorite colors:

If you are interested you can check them out HERE

I’m more than pleased with how my shawl turned out to be. It’s so soft and nice to 

touch. And I want to share with you the PATTERN too.


Crochet hearts free pattern

Hi, friends!

Today I want to share with you how to make these hearts. This is very easy crochet pattern. 

NOTE: This pattern uses US crochet terminology. 

[….] - work directions in one chain / space

Skip – sk

Space - sp

Stitch – st 

Slip stitch – sl st 

Single crochet – sc

Half double crochet - hdc 

Double crochet - dc 

Treble crochet - tr


The work starts with a Magic ring (loop)

Round 1: (In the magic ring)

-          ch5, 3dc

-          *ch2, 3dc* repeat from * to * 2 times

-          ch2, 2dc

-          sl st (in third ch from first 5ch)

           (In this round 20 st)

Round 2:

- ch3 (counts as dc)

- *[2dc, ch1, 2dc] (in 2ch sp), 3dc* repeat from * to * 3 times

- [2dc, ch1, 2dc] (in 2ch sp), 2dc

- sl st (in ch3)

Round 3:

- 3sl st (to come to 1ch sp)

- ch1, Turn, (skip 3dc)

- [dc, ch, dc, ch, dc, ch, dc, ch, dc, ch, dc, ch] (in next dc)

- (sk 3dc), sc(in 1ch sp)

- (skip 3dc)

- [dc, ch, dc, ch, dc, ch, dc, ch, dc, ch, dc, ch] (in next dc)

- (sk 3dc), sc(in 1ch sp)

 Round 4:

- ch2, Turn the work

- *[2dc] (in 1ch sp), dc (in next dc)* repeat from * to * 5 times

- 1hdc (in 1 ch sp), sc (in next dc)

- sc (in sc)

- 1sc (in dc), 1hdc (in 1ch sp)

- *dc (in next dc), [2dc] (in 1ch sp)* repeat from * to * 5 times

- 7dc (every dc in dc of previous round)

- [dc, tr, dc] (in 1ch sp), 7dc 

 - sl st

And this is it. I really hope you'll enjoy crocheting these hearts.

Have a great day!



Golden crochet crosses

 I made these crosses of golden thread and they are starched. It will very interesting gift for Christening favors for example.

You can find these crosses HERE
One of clients used them as  gifts for all of the guests for her son's baptism. 
Here you can see how she used them. 

I like when my clients leave those lovely reviews. Thank you, Emilia!
*Purchased 18 sets of gold crosses to tie to the Bombardiers (favors) for my son's baptism. The craftsmanship and customer service were exceptional! The 72 crosses were crocheted in a matter of days, then were shipped out promptly. They arrived well before the event. Everyone was so impressed with their keepsake. They'd make great gifts as bookmarks (we tied a tassel to ours) or ornaments. So very pleased!!!*


Lace Baby Blanket pattern

Hello Friends!

I've finally completing the pattern for the baby blanket in two colors pink and white. Use any other colors you want - p
lay with colors :)

It can easily be modified to whatever size you like.

The pattern is available here in my SHOP

Happy crocheting!

Crochet brooches

I always start thinking about crochet brooches in the spring-  they're so easy to attach to your favorite jacket! The color combinations on these brooches are endless!

So, I made my embellishments.

And, because they're beautiful and useful, they also make great holiday gifts.

Check my SHOP for more :)